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January 8, 2014:
Find out more about getting cash for your settlement checks.



A lot of factoring companies and investment clubs, as well as venture capitalists, will buy out settlements because they essentially are getting a guaranteed rate of return. If someone is offering you a lump sum for a court ordered settlement, you are probably getting raked over the coals again!


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Learn about Settlements and Lump Sum payments!

Aside from Lump Sum payments for structured settlements, you can also get loans, use them for funding, and take partial buyouts to ensure that you will have money in the coming years.

Don't wait to find out how you can put your settlement money to work. Many times people who get structured settlements have been injured or have been out of work for some time before getting an approved settlement. By this time, bills have piled up, credit histories can be tarnished, and a fresh start is long overdue. If you can leverage your settlement into a new home, better living conditions, or an education, you can put your money to work for you.


Notes and Special Information

Special note: Selling structured settlements is an activity that should not be taken lightly. You have to consider all the factors in your life, including the ability to earn income if your luck runs out and you lose the house, have more bills, or experience theft after the monies come to you. Accepting cash or a lump sum payout has the potential to do a lot of good, and help you get your life in order, but there could also be very bad consequences in the sense that you might be left high and dry.