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January 8, 2014:
Ability to sell partial loans keeps rest of settlement.


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You don't have to cash in your entire settlement to get money for debts due right away.


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Sell A Few Months of Settlement For Lump Sum Today

Getting a loan against a long-term structured settlement is one way to preserve your rights to an income over time while still scraping up enough money to pay your bills today. If you have a 20 year settlement or periodic payment arrangement, you may only be getting a few hundred dollars a month, and need to pay bills, get money for a down payment on a vehicle, or rearrange your life so you can survive on the dollars you receive.

Luckily, you don't have to sign away more than half the value of your settled claim. Getting loans as an advance on a few months of your scheduled payments means that you are in control, and your long-term financial destiny is intact. You don't have to worry about handling a large amount of cash and hoping things don't go wrong. Often, people who got these settlements were recipients of product liability, worker's comp, or accident claims and may be unable to work in most of the job market as a result. Signing away all of an annuity would leave them with few prospects for future income.


Notes and Special Information

Special note: Shop around for the best interest rates on structured settlement loan products. A payday loan rate could hurt you in the long run and make you pay back far more that the amount you are getting.