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January 6, 2014:
Marketplace for lump sum payouts more competitive than ever.


Cash For Settlement?

If someone is offering you cash for your settlement, the one thing you should always do is compare your payout over time versus what you would get in the lump sum. You don't want to find yourself shortchanged by tens of thosands of dollars.


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Find Buyers of Structured Settlement Annuities!

Buyers of structured settlement annuities include well known names like J.G. Wentworth and Peachtree, as well as lesser known companies, venture capitalists, and banks that are willing to work with you to sell your settlement.

What should you look for in a buyer? First, do your homework. If you can get multiple offers for all or part of your settlement, then you can find the plan that best suits you and your long term goals. You may decide that it is best to keep your current arrangement, or you may learn that you can use a lump sum buyout to eliminate debt that is costing you thousands of dollars in interest every year. A disinterested financial planner can work with you to build a strategy for maintaining long term wealth. No matter whether you want a contract buyer to get you a better deal, or more cash fast, you should always consider how selling a some or all of the annuity, or getting a loan on the amount, will help you in the long run. If you can truly show that you will be better off next year and the year after that, then it is time to consider this financial strategy. As a final tip, remember that buyers are in business to make money, so you should consider your own interests first..


Notes and Special Information

Special note: A person who is buying a structured settlement should be approached carefully and every spoken claim should be backed up in a contract. Calculate the amount you would make if you stayed the course and did not sell. If you are strapped for cash, find out if there are alternate ways of getting it, including cutting your spending or saving. Many times people cash in structured settlement annuities for money to buy a house or pay medical bills, or to appease collection agents. You need to be smart enough to consider if you can keep up with the maintenance, taxes, and payments on a house, if you can negotiate down the medical bill cost, and if the collection agent could even go after your funds.