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January 6, 2014:
Find out more about getting cash for your settlement checks.


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Looking for companies that buy structured settlements? A quick search will help you locate lots of them, and they are all interested. Get multiple quotes.


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Learn about Settlements and Lump Sum payments!

There are quite a few structured settlement brokers who advertise on television, on the radio, and online. It is important to "shop and compare" when you are seeking advice on a broker, just as it is important to consult with an advisor or attorney to make sure you can get the best deal and your money will be spent wisely. It is far better to leave your settlement arrangement in place than to find a buyer of a structured settlement payment who will not meet your short and long term needs.

Whenever possible, you should first communicate with your creditors and other parties if you have more debts than your structured settlement can pay. If you let them know that you are unable to work and you have a fixed income, then you should be able to create a payment plan that avoids the need to take a lump sum payout that might only be a short term solution. Even if you are in collection with creditors, remember that they will often be satisfied with a portion of the debt because they purchased the debt from the original creditor. As always, ask a financial counselor about your particular situation, because there may be solutions you have not considered..


Notes and Special Information

Special note: The best structured settlement brokers are the ones who actually care about you. Salesmen may sound nice but have a monthly quota, and get a cut of the funds when you sign on the dotted line. Nobody you contact for a cash advance, lump sum payout, or quote on your annuity is going to be acting in your best interest. Finacial companies compensate high performers very well, and the person you talk to could be a real shark.